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Located at Health Parkway, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Safe Health PC specializes in every facet of the skin issues. We offer an array of skin care services ranging from complex surgical skin cancer removal to cosmetic rejuvenation procedures.

At Safe Health PC, we take good care of our patients. We aim to make every visit to our clinic a pleasant, comfortable, and satisfying experience for all our patients. Whether you have bothersome allergy rashes, acne, or hard-to-treat eczema flare-ups, our expert team of dermatologists, nurses and other technical staff believes it is crucial to discuss the various treatment plans that are most suitable for you and your skin.

Healthy skin is essential not only for good appearance but also for the overall well being of the person. However, the environment we are living in, our lifestyle, and ageing have a lot of effects on our skin causing various problems. The skin disorders can be genetic as well. So, there is a need to see a dermatologist who can help us to alleviate our skin problem and keep our skin healthy.

We are proud to have the most advanced dermatology treatments and procedures for a wide range of skin issues. If you have any problematic skin condition, come to visit our Mount Pleasant dermatology clinic and meet an expert skin specialist.

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Choose the best dermatologist for your skin

In recent times, more and more individuals are realizing the importance of their skin and seeking out specialists whenever they encounter specific issues. Our team of dermatologists ensures that everything deep in skin functions properly resulting in healthy and beautiful skin.

Your skin is a great signal of what may be going beneath the surface. If you are living in or anywhere around Mount Pleasant and have a feeling that your skin is showing some strange signs, visit us without hesitation.

At Safe Health PC, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, our outstanding team comprises of board-certified dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and other technical and non-technical staff. Dr. Saif Fatteh, MD is a passionate dermatologist who enriches the lives of his patients with the best of medical care. He wants his patients to feel great about their skin. Dr. Fatteh has a great loyal patient following. He relies on the latest medical techniques to deliver accurate diagnostic and effective treatment services.

We at Safe Health PC keep our approach ground in evidence and science. Our dermatologists go deep to research the best of the treatments available and integrate them into their practice.

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Get the skincare you need at our clinic in Mount Pleasant

Regularly visiting your dermatologist for routine check-ups is as important as seeing your primary care providers. Each and every visit allows your skin specialist to check in with the present state of your skin health and track any potential or early signs of problems.

Prevention is always better than cure. It is easier to treat any symptom the earlier it is detected. Your dermatologist will help you design a treatment plan according to the needs of your skin condition.

We believe in educating our patients thoroughly about skin disease and its treatment before starting with any procedure. Everybody has a different requirement and their body responds to the treatment differently. Our dermatologists help in formulating a personalized treatment plan.
Stay on top of your routine skin care and remember to schedule regular appointments with your dermatologist.

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Alleviate your skin problems with the help of a specialist in Mount Pleasant

Regardless of the skin condition, your skin is experiencing, our doctors will help you with its diagnosis and treatment before you end up damaged physically as well as mentally.

At Safe Health PC, Mount Pleasant office, Dr. Saif Fatteh, MD provides comprehensive and customized care with the best of the advanced technologies. Our dermatologists are experts and well-experienced in treating all kinds of skin ailments ranging from hard-to-treat acne to performing complicated surgery for skin cancer removal.

We take pride in offering you innovative, latest medical dermatology procedures in Mt. Pleasant to treat skin problems.

Let’s see what all services we provide:


Mostly prevalent in teenagers, acne can, however, affect people of all ages. Its effects include annoying intermittent breakouts, pain, redness, darkened skin, and permanent scarring. Acne occurs most commonly in females, during times of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause when the body goes through hormonal changes.

Here at Safe Health PC, Mount Pleasant, we understand the vicious cycle of acne. It not only just affects your skin, but it also influences the way you see and feel about yourself. Even the mildest of breakouts can be highly painful and embarrassing. Acne can wreak psychological havoc on your confidence and self-esteem.

We have treated many patients dealing with acne and have refined many techniques and procedures to help you get rid of painful popping for the long term. Our experts can treat the ace with a combination of treatments such as topical medications, acne extractions, laser treatments, antibiotics, and chemical peels. Seek dermatologists at the very first pop out so that it can be controlled at an early stage and reduce the physical, emotional, and social effects.

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Warts are small, rough-textured growths that can develop anywhere on the body but most commonly found on the hands and feet. They have raised bumps which can be unsightly and embarrassing, however, most of the time there are no other symptoms. They can be of different colours such as white, pink, tan, or tiny black dots. At times warts can cause pain and itchiness, especially on the feet bottom. Warts are contagious and can be transmitted by contact, and can take up to six months to be visible after exposure.

Your local dermatologist at Safe Health PC can offer many treatment options for warts which together you’ll decide which are best for you. They can be removed layer by layer with topical medications along with surgical wart removal, laser therapy, electrosurgery, cryotherapy, duct tape, and chemotherapy.

Our expert dermatologists are well-experienced in performing surgeries, so you should not worry about scars or infections.

Explore treatment options in Lansing for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition in which the new skin cells are being reproduced at a high rate of uncontrollably. The buildup of cells appears as thick patches with silvery scales of red skin that can flake off like dandruff. Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body but the most common areas are knees, elbows, face, palms, scalp, and feet.

Psoriasis is triggered by different environmental conditions such as skin trauma, stress, medications, and infections. The dysfunction of the immune system also causes many conditions of illness and psoriasis is one of them. Consult your dermatologist to know what triggers your symptoms.
There is no permanent cure for psoriasis, but visiting Safe Health PC at Mount Pleasant can help you find many options to manage its symptoms and reduce potential complications. Changing your lifestyle and keeping the area moisturized helps you control the silvery patches. Other than this, in severe cases, topical treatments, oral medicine, laser therapies, and injecting therapies are options for managing symptoms of psoriasis.

Visit Safe Health PC, Mt. Pleasant to reduce Eczema flare-ups

Also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin disease which is very common among Americans. It causes inflammation of the skin which becomes red, dry, itchy, sometimes causing cracks and blisters. Sr. Fatteh of Mount Pleasant offers several eczema treatments that are available to manage your symptoms based on its causes.

The skin gets really very itchy once the rash starts. The itching gets worse with repeated scratching, so you tend to scratch more. Inflamed and scratched skin open to infection as the skin barrier is ruptured. You need to apply cool wet compress, soothing ointments and lotions to break the itch-scratch cycle and calm the inflammation. Over-the-counter moisturizers are quite helpful.

At Safe Health PC, Mount Pleasant, our skin doctors design the treatment plans according to the individual’s condition. Topical medications are quite helpful in treating symptoms of eczema. Oral antibiotics are sometimes necessary for the treatment of eczema which has become infected.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer can occur to anyone, anywhere regardless of the tone of their skin. However, people whose work or lifestyle involves exposure to direct sunlight for a long hour on a daily basis. Fair-complexion people are more prone to skin cancer as compared to the dark-skinned ones.

Education, prevention, early detection, advanced treatments can help to win the battle against skin cancer of all forms. Regular skin check-ups by your local dermatologist are the best way to detect the early signs of cancer. Your doctor checks for any unusual changes on your body keeps track of the moles and the changing shapes of moles. Besides you need to be careful about your body for the changes.

We, at Safe Health PC, Mt. Pleasant are committed to staying at the forefront of skin cancer treatment and advanced technologies. The treatment plan for skin cancer depends on its type, size, and location. Minor surgeries are required for small cancers appearing on the surface of the skin. For deeper and severe cases of skin cancer, more extensive treatment is required including MOHS surgery, excisional surgery, cryotherapy, radiations, chemotherapy,

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Cure Cellulitis with our skin expert in Mount Pleasant

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection in the deeper layers of skin and the soft tissues underneath usually caused by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus along with many other microbes. It appears wherever there is a breach in the skin such as wounds and skin near ulcers. It can occur suddenly and spread at a faster rate. Though it is treatable by the dermatologist of Mount Pleasant it can become life-threatening if left untreated as the infection can lead to sepsis.

If you observe redness, pain, tenderness, inflammation, swelling, and warmth in the infected area of the skin, chances you might be experiencing cellulitis. Before it spreads to the tissues and coves a larger area, don’t delay and see a skin doctor immediately.

At Safe Health PC, Mount Pleasant, our doctor treats the mild case with oral antibiotics which are very effective. In case of severe cellulitis, the patient may need to be admitted into the hospital as they need constant medical care. Intravenous antibiotics are also given in some cases. A person with cellulitis may observe a fever as well. So, for other symptoms of cellulitis like fever, pain, and swelling, other medications are given by the dermatologists in addition to the antibiotics.

Confidential STD Testing and Treatment in Mt. Pleasant

STDs pass from one person to another during copulation. Sexually transmitted diseases do not show any noticeable symptoms. So doctors can’t diagnose sexually transmitted disease based only on symptoms. If your local dermatologist or other skincare provider suspects you with STD, they would likely recommend tests like urine, blood test or swabs from genitals to check. Your doctor can also recommend STD testing on the basis of your sexual history even if you don’t show any symptoms.

Although most of the STDs are treatable, you should not ignore them and hesitate to see a doctor. Experts at our clinic in Mount Pleasant, discuss you with various treatment options depending upon your situation. STDs caused by bacteria are treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Other medications are also used in the treatment of STDs such as antiviral drugs, oral and topical medications.

If symptoms still persist after completing the medication cycle, let your STD specialist know the situation as each person’s body responds differently to the treatments.

Consult our skin doctor to Control Excessive Sweating – Hyperhidrosis

Though natural and healthy for your body, perspiration or sweating is embarrassing. It gets stinky, stains clothes, and complicates social and business interactions. When your body produces sweat much more than normal than this disorder is called Hyperhidrosis. This is the time to see your dermatologist and look out for treatments.

Excessive sweating is commonly observed in palms, underarms, and feet. It may cause damp skin leading to infections. Severe cases of Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating also leads to serious practical complications such as making it challenging for patients to grip a car steering wheel, hold a pen, or shake hands.

If you live in and around Mt. Pleasant and are experiencing the problem of excessive sweating, you can visit our clinic and consult our skin specialist, Dr. Saif Fatteh. He understands that each body responds differently to different medications, so each patient requires a customized treatment plan. Oral medications and the use of antiperspirants are recommended to the patients at first. If it doesn’t work then for serious cases there other treatments such as miraDry surgery, laser treatments, cosmetic procedures, and Iontophoresis.

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If you are living in or around Mount Pleasant, visit our finest dermatologist to get the medical care you need.

Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

When environmental exposure, lifestyle, age, and genetics start taking their toll on you, come to us and we will help you rediscover the healthier, more youthful, and vibrant version of yourself. Whether you want to enhance your skincare routine at home or want to explore cosmetic treatments, we are here to help you.

Cosmetic procedures offer dramatic improvements in your skin and appearance. At Safe Health PC, various cosmetic treatments are offered by board-certified dermatologists of Mt Pleasant Michigan. Many such procedures can make a big difference with little downtime.

Rejuvenate your skin with our special procedures at Mount Pleasant

Our certified dermatologists at our clinic in Mount Pleasant are well experienced and trained in almost all of the cosmetic procedures and keep refining the latest treatments to offer you a better experience.

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Some of our cosmetic procedures have helped many women and men to look and feel better about themselves. These treatments block some specific chemical signals to reach your brain as it deadens the nerves of muscles temporarily resulting in the relaxing of facial features. The muscles lose their ability to contract and the face lines soften. So whenever you change your expression, the lines on your face do not form as the muscles around them can’t move.

Your dermatologist will inject directly into the muscles of your face. As they are temporary, their effects last only for a few months. You need to visit your dermatologist in Mt. Pleasant every three to six months for this procedure.

Giving up and accepting what the passing years have done to your looks is not the same as aging gracefully. Thanks to the advancements in the field of the cosmetic dermatology techniques, you can hold the youthfulness in your appearance much longer than it was before.

Facial, dermal, permanent, or temporary cosmetic treatments are cost-effective and practical procedures. Our dermatologists in Mt. Pleasant are well experienced with them. We will help you get rid of the wrinkles, fine lines, and hollows, giving your skin a smooth look. In addition to this, these treatments also come handy when it comes to removing scars or pits caused by prolonged acne, reconstruction of facial deformities, and diminishing eye shadows.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser removal of hair is an effective method of reducing unwanted hair from your body. Dr. Saif Fatteh uses the best of the laser devices at his dermatology clinic in Mount Pleasant which can be used both on fair and dark complexion skin individuals.

Laser treatments at Safe Health PC are done exclusively by our skin doctors only and not technicians. The intensity and depth of the intensity of the laser must be calibrated according to the shade of the skin color of the individual. So, it is performed by well-experienced specialists only. If the laser intensity is not calibrated accurately for the right skin shade it may cause unrecoverable skin damage and burns.

Laser Photofacial

Safe Health PC offers photofacial treatments to help people in Mount Pleasant, Michigan in enhancing their appearance. Photofacials are used to get even skin tone, reducing brown spots, minimizing enlarged pores, and wrinkles for a more rejuvenated appearance. Your skin doctor will evaluate your skin and develop a treatment schedule that will be ideal for your skin and your goals.

Light energy is given during each photofacial session using a special device. The light energy reaches deeper in the tissue layer and gets absorbed resulting in stimulation of generating new healthy cells along with the production of elastin and collagen. As the basic concept is to deliver energy to deeper tissues there is no superficial damage to the skin.

Plan your treatment schedule for various cosmetic procedures with Dr. Saif Fatteh.

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Note: This all information is intended to provide you knowledge only, not medical advice. Please consult our experienced and trained dermatologist at Safe Health PC, Lansing, Michigan to discuss your specific conditions.



Its been our patients and their kind recommendations that have kept us going for 60+ years. Staying in tune with our patients is so important to us that we send a satisfaction survey after every visit so we can grow and evolve along with your needs. Please read below to see what our patients have to say about us.

My visit with Dr. Saif Fatteh was possibly one best experience I’ve had with any skin specialist. Beginning from the front desk to the medical technicians, his staff is all very courteous and pleasant. Dr. Fatteh took his time to discuss all my concerns and answered all my queries patiently. If you are searching for a good dermatologist, I highly recommend Dr. Fatteh.
Yannick C.
Safe Health PC is outstanding! I visited there with challenging and old acne that was not getting cured! I tried many other skin doctors in Lansing and their medications did not work at all. In fact my acne got even worse. Their treatment was very effective and my acnes start reducing. My skin is looking great again. Their prices are very reasonable for the amazing care I got!

I would definitely recommend Safe Health PC. I got my cosmetic treatment done from this clinic and it was perfect. Dr. Fatteh gave me all the information regarding the procedure. The procedure was a success and the results were amazing. My skin looks younger now and wrinkles are gone. I am definitely looking forward to my next sitting.

Lois M.


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